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Know Yourself, Dare, Decide

Know Yourself, Dare, Decide

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Luciano Manicardi
ISBN 978-88-8227- 961-5
2016, pp. 29

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Know Yourself, Dare, Decide
Personal and spiritual growth in dialogue

How can we recognize and take the risk of our own desire? The episode of the rich man called by Jesus to follow him presents an itinerary of human and spiritual growth that is truly exemplary. This path of maturation, however, can remain an end to itself if it is not accompanied by a moving of getting to know the Lord Jesus, who can make us emerge from indecisiveness.

We publish here the text of a talk by Luciano Manicardi to young adults at the Monastery of Bose on 9 December 2012.

Ulteriori informazioni

Ulteriori informazioni

Autore Luciano Manicardi
Argomento Giovani, Crescita umana, Vita spirituale cristiana
Codice ISBN/EAN 978-88-8227-961-5
Numero di pagine 29
Prima edizione 17/nov/2016
Collana Young adult journeys

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