Claudio Monge, Dominican Studies, Istanbul

XXV International Ecumenical Conference of Orthodox Spirituality
Bose, 6–9 September 2017
in collaboration with the Orthodox Churches

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The hospitable God in the religions that have Abraham as father

17 ceiso Claudio Monge

Claudio Monge, Dominican Studies, Istanbul

Claudio Monge is a Dominican father who lives in the Dominican community of Istanbul since 2003. He studied theology at the Pontificia Università San Tommaso in Rome, and Turkish language and culture at the Marc Bloch University in Strasbourg. There, he received his doctorate in theology of religions too, with a dissertation on hospitality in the abrahamitic religions. Between 2009 and 2013 he participated to the research program of the Catholic University in Paris on the dialogue between the three monotheisms. Since 2013 he participates to another program on the problem of the translation of theological concepts in different cultural contexts. He is the author of Stranierità: nomadismo del’anima (EDB, 2014), Stranieri con Dio. L’ospitalità nelle tradizioni dei tre monoteismi abramitici (Edizioni Terra Santa, 2013) e Dieu hôte. Recherche historique et théologique sur les rituels de l’hospitalité (Zetabooks, 2008).