Stay at Bose

Bose, Spring 2006 - in the foreground, "Epiclesis" by Bruno Martinazzi
the welcoming area

To contact the guest house of the monastery and to have information about the stay at Bose, please make a phone call!

We do not accept reservations by e-mail: please use e-mail only to request information. In your e-mail message, remember to write your name and surname, your address, and your telephone number.

Everyone who is interested in joining our courses on the Bible and other activities should contact the monastery in advance for reservation, but only if one is sure s/he will then come: if you cancel your reservation at the last moment, you will prevent other people from coming.

Courses on the Bible and spirituality last one week: because of the particular nature of these courses, we can only accept participants who are able to stay for the whole week.

In some periods of the year (e.g. Holy Week, summer time, etc.) Bose is particularly crowded. To people who want to experience a quiet place to rest for a moment, or want to share our daily community life, we suggest coming in February, March, November, or December.