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Bose is a community of monks and nuns belonging to different Christian Churches, seeking God in obedience to the Gospel and living in fraternal communion and celibacy. We live in fellowship with men and women and at their service.


Presence and prayer

Dear friends and guests,
As we have been saying to so many of you who have shown your concern for us through various means of communication, life in Bose for now continues without problems related to health, in the solitude that is part of our monastic vocation, but that feels deeply the forced absence of another dimension of our vocation: hospitality.

Words of Spirituality

Faithfulness and time

“Oh, that today you would hear his voice” (Psalm 95:7): in the Bible, it is Israel’s covenant with God that gives time its meaning. The ‘existential’ time in which the people of God lives is granted to them through the davar (word-event) of the Lord and through their own obedience to this word.