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Bose is a community of monks and nuns belonging to different Christian Churches, seeking God in obedience to the Gospel and living in fraternal communion and celibacy. We live in fellowship with men and women and at their service.

Stay at Bose


Brother, sister, when you welcome guests, be aware that it is God who is coming to you as a pilgrim. You will welcome every guest as you would welcome Christ. You will treat all guests who come to the community with honor, simplicity, and refinement, and you will try to believe that Christ is present in them. (Rule of Bose 38; 40)

To contact the guest house of the monastery and to have information about the stay at Bose, please make a phone call or send an email
Please use e-mail only to request information. We do not accept reservations by e-mail.

Tel: (+39) 015 679 185
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Words of Spirituality


Words of Spirituality
by ENZO BIANCHI, founder of Bose

Patience is respect for the time another person needs and awareness of the fact that we experience time together, 'in the plural,' and that it is our shared experience of time that makes relationships, communication and love possible.