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Bose is a community of monks and nuns belonging to different Christian Churches, seeking God in obedience to the Gospel and living in fraternal communion and celibacy. We live in fellowship with men and women and at their service.

Community life

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The Pope is with each one of you

18 march 2021

On Wednesday, March 17, we received a letter from Pope Francis dated March 12, which we publish here.
We express our deep gratitude to Pope Francis for this gesture of support, we assure our constant intercession for him.

Spiritual Lexicon


In our "society of uncertainty" (insightfully described by Zygmunt Bauman), in a moment of history in which we continue to talk about the 'end' (of the century, the millennium, modernity, ideologies, the Christian world), in a time in which time is fragmented, and in which even the few hopes that manage to express themselves in society are irreparably short-term and fail to take root, because they are refuted as soon as they are set forth - in such a time, the question "What can we hope for?"