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Bose is a community of monks and nuns belonging to different Christian Churches, seeking God in obedience to the Gospel and living in fraternal communion and celibacy. We live in fellowship with men and women and at their service.

Ecumenical Conference on Orthodox Spirituality


28th International Ecumenical Conference on Orthodox Spirituality
and His Spiritual Teaching

Monastery of Bose, 6-9 settembre 2022
in collaboration with the Orthodox Churches

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Isaac, a monk who was elected bishop of Nineveh and resigned after only five months to return to the anchoritic life, lived in Mesopotamia in the seventh century; he is truly an "ecumenical saint”, loved and read far beyond the boundaries of the Church to which he belonged, the ancient Eastern Syrian Church, since the fifth century no longer in communion with the rest of Christianity. Our conference, which gathers in Bose some of the leading experts on Isaac's work, intends to highlight the many aspects of his rich spiritual teaching, which, founded on the two cornerstones of humility and the infinite mercy of God, still continues today to touch the hearts of believers and to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the Christian life, a strong appeal to rediscover the heart of the Gospel, attaining the deep peace and joy that are a gift of God and opening oneself to universal compassion.

Spiritual lexicon

Holiness and beauty

The Christian tradition, especially in the West, has interpreted holiness in essentially moral terms. Understood in these terms, holiness does not imply absence of sin, but rather trust in the mercy of God, which is stronger than our sins and able to lift up the believer who has fallen. The holy person is a song sung in thanksgiving for the mercy of God. He or she gives witness to the victory of God three times holy and three times merciful. Holiness is grace; it is a gift, and what is asked of each of us is the fundamental openness that will allow us to be flooded by the divine gift.