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Bose is a community of monks and nuns belonging to different Christian Churches, seeking God in obedience to the Gospel and living in fraternal communion and celibacy. We live in fellowship with men and women and at their service.

Community life

Visit to the Armenian Church

Two brothers of Bose participated in the conference on "Religious freedom and rhythm" organized by the Armenian Apostolic Church and visited historic Armenian monasteries.

In the name of our community, on 8–11 October we participated in the conference on Religious freedom and peace organized by the Armenian Apostolic Church at the primatial see of Etchmiadzin.

Letter to our friend

A return forward

LETTER TO OUR FRIENDS nr. 70 - Pentecost 2021

Dear friends, guests, pilgrims, and those of you who follow us from afar,
This letter of friendship has reached its 70th number, continuing to forge ties of communion between us.

From the time of our last number in December of last year, the two events that had already marked our life in the preceding months — the pandemic that had struck everywhere and the tensions in community before and after the apostolic visit ordained by the Holy See — took on a shape that allowed us to look with confidence towards the future. This is what Pope Francis likewise encouraged us to do in his letter addressed to us 12 March 2021, in which he has shown us his support in this stage, demanding but fruitful, of our community life.