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The community and its spaces. Research Perspectives for Pastoral Centers

From Thursday 04 June 2020 to Saturday 06 June 2020


XVIIth International Liturgical Conference

in collaborazione con l’Ufficio Nazionale per i Beni Culturali Ecclesiastici della CEI e il Consiglio Nazionale Architetti, Pianificatori, Paesaggisti e Conservatori

From Thursday, 4 June to Saturday, 6 June, the 18th International Liturgical Conference will be held in Bose, an annual appointment for the formation and encounter of architects, liturgists, artists, theologians, persons responsible for cultural patrimony and for the construction of places of worship, professors and students of architecture and theology. Attention of these Bose conferences has concentrated above all on the liturgy, but the church space is not the Church’s only space. For this reason the Scientific committee sees the need to reflect on all the spaces of the community, that real vital habitat that shapes or deforms it. To plan a pastoral center means necessarily to have in mind a precise image of the Christian community, its relation with its territory, its urban context, its social reality, and the concrete needs of those who live there. The image of the Church of which there is need today is that of an open Christian community, ready for dialogue, for welcoming, and that chooses hospitality as an authentically evangelical category, addressed not only to believers, but open to every form of spiritual and human search. A hospitable liturgy, capable of new language and creative gestures, will represent the authentic and symbolic moment of what the Christian community has chosen to be in the company of men and before God.