Words of Spirituality
The Word of God that is communicated to us, and in which God gives himself to us in Christ, is the true beginning of Christian communication


The quality of our life is determined by the quality of our relationships, which form the substance of our life. The quality of our relationships depends on the quality of our communication, at each of its levels: with ourselves, at an interpersonal, social or political level, etc. Christians find the model for their communication at a theological level, in God's communication of himself to humanity in Christ. Clearly, the problem of communication in the church cannot be reduced to the question of new technology and the need to take advantage of the opportunities it provides to reach a wider audience more effectively. If we recall that according to biblical revelation, the Holy Spirit is God's free will to communicate and enter into communion with men and women, we will understand that Christian communication can be truly sacramental - that is, it can convey something of the Trinitarian reality that gives the church its foundation and reason for existing, and toward which the church refers us - only if it invokes and lets itself be shaped by the Spirit’s action. Christian communication should also seek to conform itself to the image of Christ, who, on the cross, "brings humanity back to a God who is not truly God except insofar as he is Communication itself" (Gustave Martelet).