Blessing of the remodeled church in Civitella

On Saturday, eve of the 4th Sunday of Easter, the Benedictine nuns and the sisters of Bose at the Monastery of Saint Scholastica - Bose Fraternity at Civitella San Paolo near Rome experienced a day of great joy on the occasions of the blessing of their remodeled church.

The bishop of Cività Castellana, Romano Rossi, presided at the festive liturgy, preceded by an introductory talk by the prior of Bose, Br. Enzo Bianchi. Some brothers and sisters from Bose and from Cumin joined the community of Civitella San Paolo for the celebration. Present were also the abbots of Subiaco and of St Paul outside the Walls, the abbesses of Amelia, Fabriano, and Tarquinia, and the general superior of the Camaldolese nuns, together with other monks and nuns of various monastic communities.

The former archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, an old friend of Bose, made us the gift of his presence. Many friends and guests of the monasteries of Civitella San Paolo and Bose from the vicinity, from Rome, and from other parts Italy likewise were present.
The blessing of the remodeled church was an occasion to thank the Lord for the fraternal and affectionate common life led by the Benedictine nuns and the sisters of Bose for over two years now. May the Lord continue to bless this community and the guests and friends who visit it and accompany it with their support.