Communiqué of the founder Enzo Bianchi


“Traduntur cervi…”

Feast of the Epiphany, 6 January 2017

It is said that deer… when they walk in their herd… place their heads each one on that of another. Only one, the one who leads, hold his head high without support and does not lean it on that of another. But when the one who bears the weight (qui pondus capitis in primatu portabat) is weary, he leaves the first place and another succeeds him.

I have always meditated on this commentary by Augustine on Psalm 41 (42) and with these words began my letter of resignation in 2014, at the end of the fraternal visit begun in January and completed in May and after the economical review entrusted to a competent person from outside the community. The fraternal visitors asked me to remain still, among other reasons, to bring to a completion the community’s Statutes, so I have continued to preside, but have several times told my brothers and sisters that these were the last months of my service and often absenting myself, so that they could learn to continue to live without my guidance.

In the history of every new monastic community the passage from the guidance of the founder to the next generation is a positive sign of growth and of maturity. The Apostle writes: I have planted, Apollo has watered, but it was God who made to grow (1Cor 3,6). Life continues, the foundation has been fruitful, and for this we give thanks to the Lord, awaiting his judgment at the end of history.

Thus, the time has come for the resignation announced at chapter after the vespers of last 26 December, the eve of the feast of St John the Apostle, for the following 25 January, Revelation of Jesus Christ to the Apostle Paul. Thus, on the morning of the 26th, after the prayer of invocation of the Holy Spirit, the voting will begin for the new prior according to the norms of the Statute.

br Enzo Bianchi
prior of Bose

Dear friends and guests,
Today, on the feast of the holy abbots of Cîteaux, the professed brothers and sisters of the community, assembled for the annual general council, have proceeded, in the presence of fr Michel van Parys osb as external guarantor — to the election of a new prior according to the Statues approved by bishop Gabriel Mana of Biella.

I have the great joy of announcing to you that elected was
br Luciano Mainardi

The community, in great peace, gives thanks to the Lord for his fidelity and asks all of you to participate in our joy and in our prayer.

In the Lord’s mercy,
br Enzo Bianchi
founder of Bose