Photos of the conference

V International Liturgical Conference 
Bose, May 31 - June 2, 2007
Monastery of Bose
National Office for the Church's Cultural Heritage of the Italian Bishops' Conference


1. During the proceedings...

Monastero di Bose, la sala durante i lavori del convegno








2. The Bishop of Cerignola - Ascoli Satriano,
Felice Di Molfetta; the Bishop of Alba, Sebastiano Dho,
and the Bishop of Biella, Gabriele Mana

2. I Vescovi Felice Di Molfetta, Sebastiano Dho e Gabriele Mana








3. The Bishop of Cerignola - Ascoli Satriano,
Felice Di Molfetta, and the Bishop of Ivrea, Arrigo Miglio.

I Vescovi Felice Di Molfetta e Arrigo Miglio









4. Mario Federico Roggero, Frédéric Debuyst,
mgr Giancarlo Santi, and prof. Robert F. Taft

Mario Federico Roggero, p. Frédéric Debuyst, mons. Giancarlo Santi e prof. Robert F. Taft