Kirill Kaleda

kaledaKirill Kaleda, born 1958, is rector of the church of Russian New Martyrs and Confessors at the Butovo polygon, the principal place of mass executions  and burials of the victims in the Moscow region. Father Kirill devotes himself to the study of the new martyrs of the Russian Orthodox Church and to assuring that the victims of the atheist soviet  regime are not forgotten.

Martyrs of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Twentieth Century. The Butovo Polygon

The paper makes a parallel between the persecutions of the Church in the age of the ancient martyrs and in the twentieth century in Russia. Particular attention will be given to the years of the “great terror”, 1937–1938, the firing polygon in Butovo, the background and number of the victims on account of their faith in Christ, the discovery of the polygon in the 1990s, the building of the church and civil monument.