The Transfigured Christ

Trasfigurazione, monastero di Santa Caterina del Sinai - XII sec.
He who in past times had spoken with Moses on Mount Sinai, is presently transfigured on Mount Tabor, showing how in Him human nature acquired once again the archetypal beauty of the image (Troparion of the Great Vespers of the Transfiguration)

15th International Ecumenical Conference on Orthodox Spirituality
Bose, September 16-19, 2007
Organized by the Monastery of Bose in collaboration with the Patriarchate of

15th International Ecumenical Conference
on Orthodox Spirituality

Bose, September 16 - 19, 2007

The Transfiguration of Christ, promise of man’s deification, lies at the very heart of Orthodox Christian spirituality: the cloud of God’s presence, the Shekinah, envelops all those who sincerely seek the face of the Lord. The mistery of the Transfiguration has profoundly inspired the reflections of Church Fathers, the creativity of holy monks, hymnographers and iconographers in Byzantium and on Mount Athos, in Palestine and on Mount Sinai, in East European lands and in Holy Russia.

The 15th International Ecumenical Conference on Orthodox spirituality seeks to throw light on the intimate communion and enriching diversity of the spiritual treasures of the Churches, and to investigate the selected topic in its biblical, spiritual, liturgical, theological, and anthropological aspects, examining the entirety of Orthodox spiritual tradition, in its harmonious plurality, without overlooking the contribution of the Latin monastic tradition.

Scientific Committe: Enzo Bianchi (Bose), Lino Breda (Bose), Sabino Chialà (Bose), Giorgio Cracco (Torino), Nina Kauchtschischwili (Bergamo), Hervé Legrand (Paris), Adalberto Mainardi (Bose), Antonio Rigo (Venezia), Roberto Salizzoni (Torino), Michel Van Parys (Chevetogne).

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