Father Emmanuel Lanne has passed from this world to the Fath

Dom Emmanuel Lanne (1923 - 2010)
Dom Emmanuel Lanne (1923 - 2010)
We like to remember especially his friendship for our community, where he returned faithfully in these years to teach novitiate courses and to share fraternal life with us

Wednesday, 23 June, at the end of a painful illness, father Emmanuel Lanne, Benedictine monk of the Abbey of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Chevetogne) in Belgium, has passed to the Father. On 4 August he would have been 87 years old; he had lived 63 years as a professed monk.

Br. Enzo and the community are deeply affected by this birth to heaven, an event for which we have been prepared for some time, which nevertheless strikes us with all its load of fraternal sentiments and of images that throng our hearts and minds. The community is in prayer, in the conviction that fr. Emmanuel is already in God’s arms, in the dynamis of the risen Lord and intercedes forcefully for all of us, together with so many friends that have preceded him into the Land of the Living: Lambert Beauduin, Jean Corbon, Jean-Marie Tillard, Olivier Clement, André De Halleux, Jean Willebrands, Pierre Duprey, Jean-Jacques von Allmen…

A man of profound intelligence, vast learning, and penetrating vision, a foremost expert on the Christian East, most active at the Council, where he collaborated in drawing up the Decree on Ecumenism Unitatis Redintegratio and Lumen Gentium, he was an eminent protagonist of theological and ecumenical dialogue, to which he made a fundamental contribution at the highest international level, remaining always faithful to the search for Unity in the service of God and of man.

We like to remember especially his friendship for our community, where he returned faithfully in these years to teach novitiate courses and to share fraternal life with us. We would like simply to quote — as if listening again to his unforgettable voice — some of his words addressed to us only a few months ago, which show how his greatness as liturgist, patrologist, ecclesiologist, and ecumenist radiated from his generous and ardent heart as man and as monk.

“I come to Bose with joy, as always. It is really important for me. Especially on account of living with you in community, in deep friendship. For many years now Bose has become very dear to my heart. See you soon, God willing. At my age one never knows. ‘Watch, therefore, and pray, since you do not know when the master of the house will come, whether in the evening or at midnight, at cockcrow or in the morning. May He, if He comes unexpectedly, not find you asleep.’ This is written next to the roster placed at the entrance to the community. I like it very much. I ask your prayers, because I think that my days on this earth are not many any longer. On the contrary…”

And here is his last message: “Now I will not see Bose again. I have become too infirm and would not be able to offer anything except my friendship. But, as I have already said and written, my heart remains with you. Christ is risen, this is our faith and our hope. United in prayer and in gratitude towards our common and only Lord, yours fr. Emmanuel Lanne o.s.b.”

These are words that as never we make our own, communicantes in unum.
Thank you, fr. Emmanuel!


The prior, br. Enzo, and the brothers and sisters of Bose wish to transmit to Father Abbot Philippe of Chevetogne and to all the beloved brothers of this community our afflicted nearness and faithful affection in this special hour. Br. Guido has been charged to be present in the name of us all at the funeral service on Saturday, 26 June, and to transmit in person all our love.


Deo gratias!