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XVth International Liturgical Conference

participative processes between liturgy and architecture

Bose, 1–3 June 2017


Thursday, 1 June

ore 9.30

Opening of the conference
Enzo Bianchi

Founder of Bose

/ MAKE /

Make church
Belonging and territory
Dario Vitali
Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome

Places for the community: processes of construction and transformation
Valerio Pennasso
Director of the National Office for the Cultural Patrimony of the Church — Italian Bishops’ Conference, Rome

Contributions and experiences in Dialogue

3.30 pm


«Oikosophia»: prospettive filosofiche dell’abitare
Carla Danani
University of Macerata, Italy

Participative project as model
Aaron Werbick, Gerald Klahr
Architects, Köln-Berlin

Contributi ed esperienze in dialogo

Friday, 2 June

9.30 am


Holy space and landscape
Luigi bartolomei
University of Bologna

Russian Orthodox cathedral and cultural center in Paris
Jean-Franccois Pousse
Architectural critic, Meudon
Philippe Markiewicz
Architect, editor of Arts sacrés, Paris

Contributions and experiences in Dialogue

3.30 pm


Question of rites, itineraries of sense
Louis-Marie Chauvet
Institut Catholique, Paris

Yesterday’s spaces for today’s liturgy
Center for the pastoral care of young people Crux, Cologne

Kristell Köhler
Responsible for pastoral work among you of the Cologne Diocese
Albert Gerhards
Seminar for Liturgiewissenschaft, Bonn University

Contributions and experiences in Dialogue

Saturday, 3 June

9.30 am


The temporary and the permanent in architecture
Carlo Ratti
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston

Inhabit, Celebrate, transform in intersection
Mario Cucinella
Architect, Bologna