Conclusions of the Conference

I would now like to note briefly some elements, which during the conference seemed to me especially fruitful or which can give rise to further reflection. Such notes are inevitably subjective and incomplete, and I beg pardon for this in advance.

Like the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan, his transfiguration reveals to us the mystery of the Holy Trinity: the love of God the Father for the only-begotten Son, sealed by the God-Love who is the Holy Spirit.

The revelation of the Holy Trinity shows that Jesus Christ is the center, the heart of the history of salvation, of our salvation. The law and the prophets attest that Jesus is the Messiah of the Jewish people and the Savior of the pagan nations. He is the suffering Servant and the risen Lord who will come again in the glory of God the Father. The simultaneous presence of Jesus, the prophets, and the three chosen apostles, the Father’s voice, the cloud of the Holy Spirit reveal to us the mystery of the Church and of God’s kingdom. Every baptized person is invited to communicate in the glory of the transfigured Christ. In this life wee dispose ourselves for this communion by asceticism and prayer, carrying our cross, repenting of our sins. In eternal life we shall communicate in Christ’s glory by being made like him.