Conclusions of the Conference

Finally, — and this is not the least merit of the conference — we were able to see again how iconography is a theological topos. Mystery is expressed by beauty, by its artistic interpretation. For the modern West the symphony of Olivier Messiaen dedicated to the transfiguration of Christ could have been cited.

I would like to end these rapid conclusions with a big thanks to the Bose community, which archbishop Christodoulos of Athens in his message has called to philergon monastyrion, a hard-working, diligent monastery, which gives due honor to work. I think that all of us have benefited from the work carried out before the conference, during the conference, and which will continue after the conference, even to clean all these rooms, but also to prepare the publication of all the papers we have heard read here. I believe that I express the feelings of all the participants of this conference in acknowledging our appreciation to all the brothers and sisters, to those we see and to those who humbly behind the scenes carry out such a great work.